Trinity Boutique Hotel: A journey in time
Captivating, mysterious, lively, the Old Town of Rhodes is a mosaic of heterogeneous civilizations in the passage of history. When one wanders between the narrow paved alleys, the half-galley galleries and squares, he meets examples of exceptional architecture that were built in different periods over the years.
An inviting and charming environment, full of colors and fragrances, that constitutes a dynamic and living place of the city.
The Trinity Boutique Hotel is undoubtedly a part of this story. It is located in Perikleous Street 35-37 in the Old Town. A chateau-gothic building, originally built a ground floor, constructed by Latvian merchants in the late 15th century. Then, after the occupation of Rhodes in 1522 by the Ottomans, the new residents of the building added one floor and the traces of history are obvious in the different layers of the masonry on the surfaces of the building.
 The restoration of the building, which gives it its present form, has been carefully done respecting the character, the history of the building and the comfortable living of our visitors. The basic intention of the restoration was the contemporary design of the intervention (present) to harmonize with the existing historical shell (past).
All you need to live the Trinity boutique hotel experience, is to open the iron door on 35-37 Perikleous street. 
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